The way we conduct our day-to-day business and indeed, the very culture of our firm, are mirror images of the professional qualities and ethics we value most.


  • Personalization: We look at a client and see the whole person, not just his or her financial picture. 

  • Objectivity: We put the interests of our clients first, operating on a fee-only basis and accepting no income from financial product sellers.

  • Individual Excellence: Our employees drive the success of our clients by following a simple mantra, "if it's worth doing, it's worth doing exceptionally well."

  • Responsiveness: We are a proactive firm.  When we recognize a need or discover an opportunity, we act - not when it's convenient, but right away.

  • Open Communication: We meet often with our clients, communicate clearly, acknowledge our failings, learn from our mistakes, and celebrate success. 

  • Innovation: We are one financial services firm that doesn't hesitate to acknowledge creativity as a powerful tool in both the development and implementation of client solutions.

  • Trust and Integrity: These are two "must have" attributes that shape every belief we hold and every decision we make.



Richmond Office

9030 Stony Point Pkwy.

Suite 100

Richmond, VA 23235


804.358.9436 (Fax)


Bethlehem Office

74 West Broad Street

Suite 320

Bethlehem, PA 18018


610.882.9928 (Fax)

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