While “thinking outside the box” is in danger of becoming a cliché, it certainly continues to have merit as an investment tactic.  One non-traditional path we offer is participation in our non-traditional investment limited partnerships which pool funds from clients and friends of the firm to invest in hedge, private equity, venture capital, mezzanine and distressed debt, and managed futures funds.


Our unique access to normally hard-to-access, non-traditional funds provides a link for our clients to these institutional quality and scale investments.  These fund managers are not available to most individuals, families and smaller institutions.  Even better, these investments work to lower portfolio risk via diversification and mitigate against the effects of down markets.


Many of the best and brightest investment managers are in the non-traditional universe.  Locating and investing in them is very time-consuming, intellectually rigorous, document- and diligence-heavy and, at the same time, very rewarding for our clients and investors.  One of the chief ways we locate the most talented alternative investment managers is through our affiliation with Group 2020.  Group 2020 is a consortium of a dozen of the best investment advisory firms in the United States having collective assets under management of more than $10 billion.  We meet frequently in person and by telephone to share ideas, visit managers, conduct joint due diligence, and keep one another apprised of changes in fund manager organizations, investment theses, and performance.  Recent trips include London, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Dallas.  We leverage the collective investment knowledge, experience, and assets under management of Group 2020 to gain access for our clients to the finest and best performing non-traditional investment opportunities around the world.


In the non-traditional arena in particular, we aim to “think around the corners” by investing in emerging global themes, novel strategies, top-performing managers, and trustworthy firms.  As a result, our clients benefit through enhanced returns, lower risk, increased diversification, and expert, active management of their investments.



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