Why do we call ourselves a client’s Personal Chief Financial Officer and not a financial planner? Because it’s the way we think – comprehensively and individually. Taken at face value, financial planning suggests a somewhat limited scope and standardized services. While being well-respected financial planners is certainly part of who we are, and an expertise we offer as part of our broad services package, our take on financial services falls more into the big-picture category.


Our approach takes into account that every client is unique; that every client has varying needs and objectives; and that no two clients share the same risk tolerances, time horizons, and dreams.  What it also takes into account – beyond those planning basics – is that clients benefit from a wider spectrum of expertise including such things as investment management, negotiating employment contracts, closing on a home, and accessing non-traditional investments.


It is a differentiating, not-one-size-fits-all mindset that has allowed us to develop cottage specialties. One example: Strategizing with people who hold large, concentrated stock positions on how to diversify and reduce the risk of that position without triggering tax liability.


Our approach is a blend of Financial Planning, Investment Strategy and Strategic Services.



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